It's faster and more reliable

A simple software upgrade means VDSL provides a better broadband connection than ADSL. New technology connected at your nearest telecommunications cabinet in your street makes VDSL faster than ADSL, and gives you a more consistent experience online than other basic broadband options.

Upgrading is easy

Just call your broadband provider and ask to upgrade to VDSL which is often a similar price to basic broadband options. They’ll explain your plan and will send you a new VDSL modem. It should then be as simple as plugging it in and enjoying your new broadband connection.

Less buffering means you can do more

Unlike basic broadband VDSL allows for a range of online activities like streaming high definition TV, video calling, or uploading photos, without disruption. You may want to consider an unlimited plan which gives you the freedom to do more without fear of bill shock should you go over your data cap.

Less buffering. More enjoyment.

December 2017: Buffering Average vs Peak Hours (8-9pm). Buffering events as a percentage of all measurements.*

See if you can get VDSL

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    VDSL upgrades on the Chorus network can usually be completed within a few days. If a truck call-out is required it may take longer.
    Check with your broadband provider to find out how quickly you can upgrade.

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    Common questions

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    It's easy to switch to VDSL - place an order for VDSL with your chosen broadband provider, they’ll send you a new modem and you’ll be good to go.

    Fibre is the best broadband on our network, providing a consistently reliable connection along with ultra-fast speeds. If fibre is available at your place, we recommend upgrading today. VDSL provides a dedicated line and a more reliable internet experience than basic broadband, and is available today to 80 percent of the country making it a great option if fibre isn’t available at your place yet.